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Marlen Studios an outsourcing service organization headquartered in States of Massachusetts, USA with our delivery center located in Chennai, South India. We are a 50 member employee strong company with extensive knowledge and experience in delivering handful of services that are central to any visual post production treatment, from the smallest and ad spot to the "tent-pole" VFX heavy films. We have worked in commercials as well as award winning Hollywood movies. Our team is headed by Mr. Mariyappan who has extensive knowledge and experience from Prasad EFX and Prism & Pixel in Chennai, South India. Our expert team handles Rotoscope, Matchmove, Matte Painting, Wire Removal, Cleat Plate Generation, Green screen removal, Stereo paint and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Our core team works to Roto objects or characters to produce Alpha matte which can be used for the compositing. We work in VFX Roto and Stereo Roto.

Marker and Rig Removal

Our experienced Pain artist maintains an artistic approach to work on a frame sequence so as to avoid jitter as well as the issues due to grain mismatch.

Matchmove – Camera and Object

Our Match move artist have handful of experience in working on camera and object tracking. To provide a best scaling we would require survey data else it will be of east importance. When provided with a reference frame for a different angle then our artist will be able to generate depth and orientation as well.

Clean Plate Generation

Our experience Paint artist take a more creative approach to generate clean plate by looking into the frame sequences and matching each frames with respect to the following one. Here to we take strains to overcome the jitter and grains issues.

Stereo Paint Back

Our experienced Paint artist take a different approach to work on the left eye and right eye frames on the depth generated sequence to clean the pixel repetition so as meet it similar to the original frame.

Green screen removal

Our team is well trained to do keying of any shots using the best and the efficient technique. At some time they do Roto and do the keying to get the best result.

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